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Dangerously close jet fighter barely misses a guy's head

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I remember watching an episode of mythbusters where they tested sonic booms. They had a jet fly low over a building to see what kind of damage the pressure wave would do... actually heres the video:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc4jw_3RE4E]YouTube - Mythbusters Sonic Boom Sound Off[/ame]

The jet was low, but no where near the closeness of this guy standing there and the jet flying over his head... based on watching the mythbusters video and seeing as the pressure wake keeps increasing everytime the jet gets closer... I bet this video is fake because at that distance to the guys head, you would think the pressure would have exploded his head. But maybe it didn't because the jet in this video wasn't going super sonic? And then I look at the mythbusters video again and glassware is just sitting there with no movement. Even if this video is fake maybe someone could just stand there like that? I bet it would kill him tho or explode their heart. I think mythbusters should do this video. :P


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