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The American Pika

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The American Pika is a little animal with a big problem. These

cute, hamster-sized mammals live in the Rockies where they rely

on the snow and high altitude to stay cool.

And keeping cool is super important -- just a few hours of

exposure to 78 degree temps can kill a Pika!

But rising temperatures from global warming are forcing the Pika

to seek refuge at higher and higher altitudes in order to stay

cool in the summer months.

Soon, there will be nowhere left for them to climb...

Will you urge the Senate to move quickly on a crucial bill to

fight global warming this week, as they return to Washington?

There's no time to delay! Click the link below and send your

letter demanding urgent action on global warming today.


The Pika is about to become the first mammal in the continental

U.S. to be added to the Endangered Species list because of

global warming.

As soon as this month, the Senate will consider a

once-in-a-lifetime bill to fight global warming. But if they

fail to pass it quickly, it could mean the end for the Pika and

other threatened species like Polar Bears and Monarch


The Senate is back from recess and on Capitol Hill - now is the

time to shape their priorities.

Click the link below and write your senators now to make sure

that passing a strong climate bill is their top priority right

out of the starting gate.


Once you've sent your message, please spread the word to your

friends and family and ask them to join you in protecting the

Pika and the Polar Bear.


Global warming is here. If we don't act now, it won't be long

before animals like the Pika are history.


Mike Town

Campaign Director


save the cutenesssssssss


                                               Look at the flowers

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save them...before they zap you!



"That fairy needs to stop shouting in my ear, or I'm going to throw her friend I have trapped in the bottle into a lava pit or something. HEY, LISTEN! No, YOU listen. If something's important, just say so without yelling at me. Or fly over to it and change color like you usually do. Just because I'm busy mowing the lawn and hoping I'll find some spare change, doesn't mean I can't hear you." - Link

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