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Chocolate Mix Skittles... disgusting.

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This is the most vile candy I have ever eaten. :barf:

I thought it might taste like m&ms, but no... the candies are chewy and the the same size as regular skittles but with flavors in the bag like:

S'mores, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Pudding, Brownie Batter.

Disgusting. I tried a vanilla, ew... then I tried the brownie batter one... :vomit:

I also bought a 2 piece king size "Butterfinger Buzz" candy bar today, it looks and tastes like a regular butterfinger, except that it is red inside and it has "as much caffeine as the leading energy drink" I finished eating a piece about 20 mins ago and I can noticeably feel my heartbeat in my chest. O_O

Anyone else try a "New!" candy lately?


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oh oh oh!!! they came out with a starburst pack that has JUST the red and pink flavors :D

as for new candy, i had the strawberry peanut butter M&Ms which sound really really gross.... but they go oddly well together O_O really tasty :) they came out with coconut ones too. sooooo goooood :drool:


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I've tried Cherry, Coconut, & Mint M&Ms in the past. What I'd really want though out of an M&M is Caramel.

I've been more into Edy's Limited Edition Ice Creams. Had Peach Pie Ice Cream & Banana Split Ice Cream during the Summer. Recently Had Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream yesterday.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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    • By Sledgstone
      So I tried three new chocolately snacks today...
      1) Oreo fudge cremes. Its a half an oreo with the creme side, and then dipped in chocolate. The end result is that it tastes a little pepperminty and its like oreo is ripping off girl scout thin mint cookies. I didn't care for these, and thin mint cookies are superior.
      2) Pretzel M&Ms. No nut in the middle, instead is a small pretzel ball. The salt and chocolate really go well together and the pretzel in the middle isn't too hard or too soft. The candy shell seems a little out of place but overall the salt/sweet combo is good.
      3) Snickers with fudge. They took out the caramel that makes a snickers so good and replaced it with a subpar fudge. It tastes like someone put some fudge in a snickers all right, and not the good kind of fudge.
      Has anyone else tried some new candies or snacks lately?
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