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Make Your Backyard Bird-Friendly!

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Creating and preserving habitat for birds has never been more important -- as the human population grows, suitable bird habitat is disappearing rapidly, gobbled up by housing developments, roads, shopping malls and airports.

Right now, nearly 80 percent of the habitat on which wildlife depends in the United States is in private hands, and an average of 2.1 million acres are converted to residential use every year.

Sign the pledge to make your yard a bird-friendly habitat.

The Pledge:

I pledge to examine my property from a bird's perspective and look to provide birds with the three necessities: food, water and shelter.

* Food: Putting up a feeder is an easy way to attract birds, but if you prefer your backyard birds to get a more natural diet, your yard can be landscaped to provide fruits, seeds, beneficial insects and other small animals that birds feed upon.

* Water: birds need a dependable supply of fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing -- a source of clean water may attract birds that don't visit feeders.

* Shelter: Whether it's a safe place for sleeping, a protected haven from the elements, a hiding place to elude predators or a secure nesting spot, providing shelter is an important way to make your property bird-friendly.

I also do toad habitats in my yard :picknose:


                                               Look at the flowers

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