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Don't Drill the Arctic!

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Tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar: Oil and ice don't

mix! >>


Temperatures in the Arctic are warming at twice the

rate of anywhere else on earth and Arctic ice is

melting at a rapid pace. And decisions the Obama

administration are making now about oil and gas

development could have irreversible environmental


More drilling will threaten the survival of many

species that are dependent on sea ice, including the

polar bear, walrus and ice seals and may endanger the

subsistence way of life of Indigenous peoples. Once the

drills start, government scientists predict a 40

percent chance of one or more large oil spills in the

Chukchi Sea alone!

The Bush administration's unconstrained plans for oil

and gas development have no place in the Arctic Ocean

and Bristol Bay. Urge Secretary Salazar to remove Bristol

Bay entirely from current and future leasing plans and

to take a time out from all oil and gas activities and

new leasing in the Arctic >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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