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ps3 slim

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Sony has unveiled a new version of its flagship PlayStation 3 entertainment console which is thinner, lighter and with a bigger memory.

The console, effectively a home entertainment centre, can also be used to download and watch the latest films from the internet following a deal struck with Hollywood studios.

The new 120-gigabyte PS3 costs £249.50 and will be available from September 1.

article-1207538-061AB3D5000005DC-791_468x520.jpg Not just for gamers: Sony's new Playstation 3 allows users to download films from the internet following a deal struck with Hollywood studios

Its launch will also mean a sharp drop in price for existing models.

The PlayStation Network film service, which is due to launch in November, will allow users to download releases straight to their console and even transfer them to a PlayStation Portable to be watched on the go.

Hundreds of titles will be available at launch including Angels and Demons, Bruno and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Andrew House, of Sony Computer Entertainment, said: 'PlayStation is becoming the home of entertainment from games to music channels, from creative platforms to virtual pets.

'The addition of the PlayStation Network video delivery service for PS3 and PSP provides a simple way for PlayStation owners to access movie content and enjoy the latest blockbuster whenever and wherever they choose.

'This is no longer just for hardcore gamers, but for everyone. We believe that everyone enjoys entertainment differently and should have the choice as to what entertainment they consume and exactly how they consume it.

'PlayStation is the gateway to that entertainment.'

The new PS3 is about two-thirds the size of the original console. Power consumption has also been cut by two-thirds.

The model will continue to offer features such as the ability to enjoy high-definition Blu-ray disc movies and games.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1207538/PlayStation-3-used-download-watch-films.html#ixzz0OcHLQLVw


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no backwards compatibility.... eh

there aren't enough games for ps3 (that we here in this house would buy and play) to justify spending a car payment on a toy


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Guest genrichkarlovichjr

Pretty much the same concept as the PS2 slim.I may or may not look into it. The PS2 Slim had problems such as over heating, flimsyness, and other things. The same thing may be for the PS3 unless they make major hardware upgrades. Ill wait until I read some reviews before I look into getting one.

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