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Close the Health Care "Doughnut Hole"

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Millions of Americans are falling into the "Doughnut

Hole," or Medicare Part D coverage gap.

The "doughnut hole" is getting bigger as drug prices

outpace inflation, and we have to stop it now! >>


Once the costs for prescription drugs reach the

initial coverage limit, Medicare recipients have to pay

out-of-pocket for their prescriptions on top of their

premiums until they reach the catastrophic coverage


This coverage gap increases the cost of health care

for many older Americans -- often, they don't know what

hit them until they open their medical bills. Nearly 20

percent of Medicare beneficiaries delayed or did not

fill prescriptions because of cost and many others

don't take their medications just to stay out of the


Stop this coverage gap from dragging people down --

it puts both their health and their bank accounts in

danger. >>


Urge Congress to take advantage of the upcoming health

care reform and close the "doughnut hole" so Americans

don't have to pay full cost for their drugs as well as

drug plan premiums.

Thank you for taking action today.


Karina M.

Care2 Petition Site Team

P.S. Invite your friends and family to urge Congress to

close the "doughnut hole" too!

consider yerself invited :P


                                               Look at the flowers

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