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    • By Sledgstone
      I'm sure everyone has seen Disqus, its on almost every website on the internet now. Have you used it before? and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
      I find it very interesting, so many sites had some sort of facebook commenting system in place, but Disqus has taken over everything. I've seen some sites use Disqus for their article comments and keep their forums as a separate accounts. I've even thought about doing that with AC at one point, but something about Disqus seems a bit unsettling to me. I have a feeling that one of the major companies are going to buy it outright before it gets much bigger. Facebook or Google have probably been eying it for some time now. Disqus does have some nice features to it to, including linking to related articles in the comments and even having an add revenue system in place.
      What would you guys think if I switched the articles from being connected to the forums and having them as completely separate with "comments by disqus"?
      It was an idea I've had off and on, but I'm on the fence about it. I'm really looking forward to how articles will be handled in the new Invision Power 4.0 version before I do anything different like this tho. I think I'd rather keep all the article comments on our own server and not have them handled by a third party, but some of those disqus features are pretty nice.
    • By Pchan
      Thanks to Nemo

      That hurricane thing/ whatever helped by putting SOME snow on land for us so I could sit outside a pal's place and enjoy a good fire. It's kinda ironic how I'm also supposed to be a fire worshiper haha! So yeah, that's a picture of me. Notice the beer bottle on the other side, cos I don't drink beer beer beer beer.
      Anyway, use this thread for your pictures. Could be anything. You in it. Your pets. Your toys. Your shoes. Your nail~art. Your hair line. Your abs. Etc.
    • By Sledgstone

      Click the link to see the larger image. It looks amazing.
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