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Stop Toxic Wastewater Dump

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The Supreme Court recently okayed a plan to allow a

gold mining company in Alaska to dump 4.5 millions tons

of toxic wastewater slurry into the Tongass Forest's

Lower Slate Lake. Everyone agrees that such a large

toxic dump would kill all living things in the lake --

but the mining company says they'll simply restock the

lake after they've finished mining.

To me, restocking isn't a valid answer to the problem

of killing all the fish and aquatic life. A better

solution? Stop dumping toxic wastewater in the first

place >>


This ruling sets a dangerous precedent and will allow

other industrial interests to pursue similar toxic

dumping in waterways. The only way to stop this plan is

to change the law.

That's just what could happen if Congress passes the

Clean Water Protection Act. The passage of the Clean

Water Protection Act will ensure lakes, rivers, streams

and wetlands are not destroyed by industrial waste

dumping by passing.

For the safety of our country's waterways, urge your

Representative to pass the Clean Water Protection Act

today! >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team



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