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After taking a 2-year hiatus from anime, I decided to start watching again (I must be a closet masochist). Anyway, I was posting on MAL and decided to go back here, which I haven't done in some time.

I originally joined the forums in summer of 2004, and stopped coming in 2006-ish after posting some 600 times. The reason being that I joined when I was in elementary school/middle school, and thus was a pompous, pretentious brat. I figure now that I'm in college I can handle posting without making an ass of myself.

Anyway, I made a new account and figure I'll stay here from now on. From the looks of things the same people are still here, though the post counts numbering in the tens of thousands is new.

EDIT: Is this the right place? I clicked the "introduction" link after registration and it sent me here, but I thought maybe there was an introduction subforum or something.

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