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Attachments feature available to AC Family members

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vBulletin 4 is supposed to have a really fancy attachment manager feature that is supposed to (eventually, if not right away) tie into the member albums for a much easy way to upload pictures for posting and organizing them. Until the new version is released, I've went ahead and set the AC Family usergroup to have full attachment features. Everyone can upload pictures into any topic and you all have a 10mb storage space. I've also set the thumbnails for 800 pixels so pictures will look better in topics compared to the usual avatar size you might see when an admin or mod might have uploaded a picture. This storage amount is currently separate from the user album amount which is 20mb. Also, pictures uploaded in a post are not connected to your album and vice versa. However, you can always upload a picture to your album and then post it in a topic. Once you have have used the attachment feature, you'll see a new 'manage attachments' link in your user cp at the bottom left of your settings. It will allow you to delete old attached images to make more room for new pics, etc. This of course, is still separate from the pictures uploaded to your albums.

As you can see, this is just another thing that aggravates me with vb, which I hope they will fix soon. But in the meantime, feel free to upload pics into topics/photo albums/etc because eventually these two features should become one and the same.

If you have never used the attachment feature before, you'll see it in the editor screen as a little paper clip image: attach.gif

The main point of me turning this on now is if someone wants upload a pic or two that is relevant to a topic, or maybe post a pic from a manga or something you found online but don't feel like having it in your album or maybe you want it more private for the photo album forum without having to publicly display it in your profile, etc.

If you want to use an image repeatedly in other topics like a smilie or facepalm then you should upload that to one of your albums instead of attaching it repeatedly because it could just fill up your attachment storage space with multiple copies of the same uploaded pic.

If anyone wants to test this for me, I'd appreciate it so I'll know I have the settings correct. btw, ".jpg" files are set for the largest image size. If you try to upload a .jpeg, rename it to .jpg and it should upload fine.


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    • By Sledgstone
      A single setting on my test vbulletin 4 (which uses a copy of this forum's databse) screwed up all my blog attachment images. And they've probably been screwed up for about a week. I just found out and it really annoys the hell out of me because if I remember correctly, the damn setting on vb4 wouldn't let me change the directory, it only said "Click here to import your blog attachments into the new attachments structure." So I clicked it thinking nothing of it. The images loaded, except here it is a week later I finally realize that it moved the images from the directory on the live forum instead of from the directory from the test forum. Damn! POS! At least I still have copies of everything and I should be able to fix everything by putting the copies back into the right folder. I hate it when a program makes me waste time.
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      The gallery has been a bit underused over the past year and it might have to do with the fact that I never increased the gallery upload amounts since my initial testing of it. If thats not the case, then oh well, I increased the limits!
      AC Elite members can now upload 100 MB of images. The max file size of uploaded images are now 4 MB per image. If you have pictures over 4 MB, the server will deny the upload because I don't have any software in place to auto shrink down an image.
      Regular members can now upload 20 MB of images with a max file size of 2 MB per image.
      Feel free to upload images to whatever category you have access to as long as the image actually belongs in it. For example, you have a good walking dead image, post it in that gallery if you want to. You can also make your own albums and upload whatever images you want to share.
      You can have public, friends only or private galleries. But keep in mind, only upload appropriate images. No vulgar, offensive, etc. images. Also, private albums aren't necessarily private as administrators can access them.
      The gallery albums are very useful if you want to upload your own smilies or other images. Once you upload an image to your own galleries, you can click the "My Media" link anywhere on the site where you can make a comment and click to add any image you have previously uploaded to your posts.
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