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Regional Climate Change Impacts

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look at your area

Northeast annual average temperature has increased by 2°F since 1970, with winter temperatures rising twice this much. Warming has resulted in many other climate-related changes including more frequent very hot days, a longer growing season, an increase in heavy downpours, less winter precipitation falling as snow and more as rain, reduced snowpack, earlier break-up of winter ice on lakes and rivers, earlier spring snowmelt resulting in earlier peak river flows, rising sea surface temperatures, and rising sea level. These trends are projected to continue, with more dramatic changes under higher emissions scenarios compared to lower emissions scenarios. Some of the extensive climate-related changes projected for the region could significantly alter the region’s economy, landscape, character, and quality of life.
No shit Sherlock. Let us not forget either that most of CNY's drinking water comes from our Finger Lakes and when it gets hot and dry lake levels drop and water restrictions are imposed.
Large portions of the Northeast are likely to become unsuitable for growing popular varieties of apples, blueberries, and cranberries under higher emissions scenarios. The climate conditions suitable for maple/beech/birch forests are projected to shift dramatically northward, eventually leaving only a small portion of the Northeast with a maple sugar business and the colorful fall foliage that is part of the region’s iconic character.
I live here for the deciduous trees wtf
The densely populated coasts of the Northeast face substantial increases in the extent and frequency of storm surge, coastal flooding, erosion, property damage, and loss of wetlands. New York state alone has more than $2.3 trillion in insured coastal property. Much of this coastline is exceptionally vulnerable to sea-level rise and related impacts.
swim through the subway
The length of the winter snow season would be cut in half across northern New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and reduced to just a week or two in southern parts of the region by late this century under a higher emissions scenario. Winter snow and ice sports, which contribute $7.6 billion annually to the region’s economy, will be particularly affected by warming.
I couldn't really give a fuck less about fucking sports, we need snow melt to replenish the water table cuz we're drinking it.

So how shitty does your future look?


                                               Look at the flowers

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