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Spider-Man 4

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In an interview concerning The Taking of Pelham 123, producer Todd Black, who is also involved in the production of Spider-Man 4, told The New York Post that Kirsten Dunst was “definitely on board” for the fourth Spidey film. While Dunst is returning, Black shot down rumors that the film would contain a Spider-Man/Mary Jane wedding.

Black also torpedoed speculation that Morbius the Living Vampire would be the featured villain in Spider-Man 4. Black told the Post that the "heavy" will be “a big part of New York City” where the film will be shot, leading to speculation by the Post that the Kingpin could be Spidey’s would-be nemesis this time around.

Kingpin could be good as long as they follow the 1994 cartoon series... and assuming of course they don't screw up his character like they did in the movie Daredevil. -_-


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