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Microsoft Project Natal, controller free games

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I have a strong feeling that the porn industry will jump on this technology. X'D Virtual sex, here we go. X'D


I think this is a good way to reach out to the Wii fanbase, college crowds looking for party material, and whatnot. As far as the hardcore gamer goes, It really wont appeal to many in that group. I myself am not impressed with the thing, nor with Sony's waggle controller. I'm old school. I love my controller, and I always will want a controller to play my games.


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I would not allow this fuckin thing in my tiny ass living room. Aint nobody kickin over my shit to play some fuckin game. NO.


                                               Look at the flowers

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it is a great way to get your kids out of video games, just record them jumping around like a monkey on coke, and put it on youtube,


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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    • By Sledgstone
      I haven't been following Xbox products and I was surprised to see this one. I thought it was the new upgraded Xbox.. it is but it isn't. It's basically the Xbox One Slim. Its 40% smaller, larger hard drive, 4k bluray player and HDR video. Theres still another upgraded Xbox coming out in the near future that should allow 4k gameplay. This slim version is what I envisioned the initial Xbox One would have been. But instead they released that mandatory camera system with it and refused to make bluray movies play on the system unless you download an app. Probably because sony owns bluray tech. The Xbox One S came out just yesterday and now I'm wondering how much longer it'll be before we see a PS4 slim and if it'll have extra features.
      Reference to the bluray thing:
    • By Myk JL
      According to GameSpot articles that happened within seven days.
      Xbox One Likely Won't Be Microsoft's Last Console, Exec Says
      Nintendo Won't "Abandon" Wii U Fanbase, President Says
      3DS Is "Here to Stay," Nintendo Exec Says
      I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing. But it makes me wonder how bad is Microsoft & Nintendo doing if they have to answer these types of questions. I still expect myself to buy an Xbox One a month before The 4th Gen Xbox. And I'm still interested in the mystery that is The Nintendo NX.
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      Prison Of Elders - What is it?

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    • By Sledgstone
      How did everyone luck out with black friday deals? Amazon matched most of the sales I was keeping my eye on. I ended up getting a new PS4 controller for $40 (my current one has taken some heavy BF4 damage to the left thumbstick), Walking Dead Season 2 PS4 for $19.99 and Shadow of Mordor PS4 for $25. I'd have bought Wolfenstein The New Order also for $25, but I need to save some cash and with how often I play games (and the two games I just bought), by the time I go to play it I could get it cheaper used.
      I also need to hit the pet store later to buy some new dog beds for 50% off.
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