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National Popular Vote in New York

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Last fall's presidential election was once again determined by voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida while New Yorkers sat on the sidelines (or travelled to one of these battleground states to volunteer).

Voters in so-called "safe" states like New York, which lean toward one candidate or the other, were either taken for granted or written off by the candidates. Let's not let this happen again. Make your vote count and your voice heard!

Please tell your state legislators to support National Popular Vote legislation. This plan could come up for a vote in both the New York Senate and House this week or next.

Four times throughout our history, most recently in 2000, the presidential candidate who received the most votes was not elected. In fact, in five of the last thirteen presidential elections, a switch of a small number of votes in one or two states would have sent the second place candidate to the White House.

The National Popular Vote plan would create an agreement among states that guarantees the presidency to the candidate who receives the most votes nationwide. The bill would only take effect once it is enacted by states that posses a majority of the electoral votes (270 or more).

This plan has already been enacted in Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, and Washington and has passed a total of 28 legislative chambers in the past two years. With your help, we can get the bill passed in New York this year.

Please click here to write a short message to your state legislators.

Thanks for all that you do.


Derek Cressman

and the rest of the team at Common Cause



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