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The EPA Needs to Hear from You

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The EPA recently made a significant announcement - global

warming pollution poses a serious threat to our public health

and welfare. This finding paves the way for reductions in the

pollution driving global warming and is an important step in

leading America to a clean energy economy.

However, this announcement is not final. The EPA must first

solicit public comments on their findings, and we need to flood

their docket with statements of support. The deadline to have

your voice heard is right around the corner. Will you send an

urgent email to the EPA?

Click here to send a message to the EPA supporting their finding

that global warming pollutants are dangerous to our health and

welfare. http://action.lcv.org/campaign/epa_0609/ie87nn52zjnbxj5x?

Why is it so critical that you weigh in? Because the EPA is

already hearing from allies of Big Oil and Dirty Coal who are

spending millions of dollars on lobbying efforts arguing that

regulating global warming pollution will be too costly or

difficult. We must counter the false allegations of Big

Polluters with messages from citizens who know that these

harmful pollutants must be reduced.

The good news is the American Clean Energy and Security Act of

2009 was passed out of the House Energy & Commerce Committee

recently. This is a historic first step in what promises to be a

hard-fought battle to enact comprehensive clean energy and

global warming legislation that creates jobs, enhances national

security, and protects the planet.

At the same time that Congress moves forward, it is essential

that the EPA hears that you support their finding, which sets us

on the pathway to regulate dangerous greenhouse gas pollution.

There is no time to waste.

Our opposition is mobilizing as never before, and the deadline

for comments is June 23rd -just a few short weeks away! Sending

a message to the EPA is a quick, easy way to fight global

warming, and it could make all the difference.

Send a message to the EPA now. http://action.lcv.org/campaign/epa_0609/ie87nn52zjnbxj5x?

For the health of the planet and all its inhabitants, please

take action before it's too late.


Gene Karpinski

League of Conservation Voters

us vs them


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