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Mercury Pollution is a Serious Matter -Tell the EPA to Act!

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Mercury pollution is a dangerous neurotoxin. It poses

serious health risks, especially to children and women

of childbearing age; it has been known to impair the

ability of children to read, write, walk, talk and

learn. And mercury pollution has contaminated hundreds

of lakes, streams, rivers, creeks and ponds, and

poisoned certain fish populations to the point where

they are no longer safe to eat. Take action>>


The cement industry is a major industrial contributor

to mercury and other toxic air pollution. But the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency has essentially given

the cement industry a free pass to spew mercury

pollution into our air and water, putting both us and

our land in danger.

The EPA has the responsibility and duty under the

Clean Air Act to regulate mercury and other toxic air

pollution from major industrial polluters. For nearly a

decade, however, they have ignored the law, the courts

and the will of the people to clean up mercury


We must tell EPA it is time to do its job! They must

adopt strong protections against mercury pollution for

all U.S. cement kilns, require cement kilns to test

their actual mercury emissions and make this

information readily available to the public.

Tell the EPA to stop the cement industry from spewing

mercury pollution >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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