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Tell the Obama administration to reverse Bush's anti-choice regulation.

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The Bush administration has released a rule that could allow individual health care providers who receive federal funding to redefine abortion to include the most common forms of birth control — and then refuse to provide these basic services. A woman's ability to manage her own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology.

With the health of so many women at stake, the Obama administration must begin working immediately to reverse this rule. Sign your name to the petition below so that when the Obama administration begins in January, they'll know we need them to act quickly to protect women's health and reproductive freedom.

Minutes ago, President Bush's rule limiting the rights of
patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health
information when they visit a federally funded health care
provider was made official. And, unfortunately, it will take a
great deal of work to reverse it -- starting today. Please help.

We knew this was coming, of course. With your help, we've been
fighting it for months. The rule is clearly a parting gift from
Bush to the anti-choice fringe that supported him all these

Now, anti-choice medical staff can withhold information about
abortion, birth control, and sex education from their patients.
Facilities that receive family planning funding, like Planned
Parenthood, will have to certify that they will not refuse to
hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and even
certain types of birth control. For example, a doctor who
opposes pre-marital sex could refuse to provide a prescription
or even information about emergency contraception to an
unmarried woman.

Frankly, I'm livid. I believe that tricking women when they are
most vulnerable is wrong -- and the federal government shouldn't
pay people to do it. Especially now, when so many people are
already in crisis as a result of the economy, I can't help but
feel that this rule is a particularly low blow to the people who
need our help, our support, and our most accurate and effective
care the most.

Even with a new president and administration coming in soon,
this won't be easy to fix. It's going to take more than a simple
signature to reverse it. We're starting our work today and we
need your help. Please ask the Obama administration to reverse
the new rule.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America


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