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Hot holiday toy nightmare.

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My ex decided he wanted to buy the girls (my daughter and his gf's daughter) the new barbie jammin jeep power wheel. This toy has a real working fm radio, doors that open, etc.. Instead of giving me any warning and after i already spent 200 bucks in my daughter's birthday party, he calls me to tell me i need to get our daughter this toy. This toy is a 300 to 400 dollar toy. He didnt ask, he demanded so both the girls have the same toy. I read the reviews on this toy, including the consumer report and many customers said the radio breaks if the weather changes even the slightest bit, the speed features are not as the advertise and the parts break off. So i really don't see the purpose in buying this toy for my ex to keep at his house for her to play with and break. However the model down from that is 150.00 and had fantastic consumer revews. Also, it dosnt break down as much. My ex is all pissed off that i am not able to get the model with the radio a.) because it is out of stock everywhere and b.) it's not something i can afford. So now im going to be blaimed for 'ruining' christmas. Grrrrr this is why i hate the holidays. I always get forced to spend more than my budget.


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