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I am a member/on the mailing list of the following activist groups and media outlets

The Huffington Post


The Nation

Earth Justice

Downsize DC

True Majority

Center for Biological Diversity

Campaign for Liberty


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

League of Conservation Voters (LCV)


Save Our Environment

Amnesty International USA

Defenders of Wildlife

yeah... thats alotta emails I get on a daily basis but being on the mailing lists of these groups I don't have to go looking for the campaigns/news stories that are important to me, they're sent directly to my email. I can't guess how many ecampaigns I've participated in, there have just been so many over the years. It was the constant stream of info into my email that prompted me to create the Take Action and 1408 forums. I try to post what comes my way in the forums or my blog on a daily basis...but I have off days too which is why y'all might wanna check these places and sign up for newsletter/alerts.

If anybody has a media or watchdog group I don't have on my list I'm open to suggestions :happy: The enviroment and climate destabilization along with human rights and governance are my major concerns. I don't mind joining international or forigen groups as I'd like to be kept informed as to these types of policies on a global scale. So...

Ready steady go :P


                                               Look at the flowers

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