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Repower, Refuel, Rebuild America

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After eight years of the Bush Administration's support for Big

Oil, we have some difficult challenges ahead: A struggling

economy. Global warming pollution. Dependence on oil.

But, with a new President and new leaders in Congress set to

take office, we finally have the opportunity to make a real

change and start working towards a clean energy future.

That's why we've launched a new campaign to show President-elect

Obama that we support his efforts to make clean energy a top

priority and to call on him to develop a plan in his first 100

days in office that will repower, refuel and rebuild America.

Join the campaign - click below sign the petition to Repower,

Refuel and Rebuild America today!


America has a fresh start. This is our chance to turn things

around. Help us make sure we don't miss it!

The Repower, Refuel and Rebuild America petition calls on

President-elect Obama to support four major goals:

* Move to 100% clean electricity;

* Cut our dependence on oil in half;

* Create 5 million new clean energy jobs; and

* Cut global warming pollution by at least 80%.

But we need to make sure the new Administration can move in this

new direction right away. Now is the time to put Americans to

work in building a clean energy economy.

And there's an easy way you can help. Click below to sign the

petition to Repower, Refuel and Rebuild America!


When we connect with our new leaders, we need the strength of

thousands of supporters like you who know the path to a healthy

planet and healthy economy starts with investing in clean energy

solutions. The more people who voice their support, the stronger

our call for change becomes.

Please take a minute and sign the petition today.


Together we can undo the damage of eight years of failed

environmental policies. Together we can fix our economy and heal

our planet.

Thank you for your support.


Michael Town

Campaign Director, SaveOurEnvironment.org



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