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Heart of the Dragon

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Chapter 11: Vengeance of the Red Falcon – Guarded History

Upon arriving at the barracks, he was challenged by two Kaloranian soldiers. Normally, the Bluecloaks and the military got on well, but in this area of the world their relationship was tense and formal at best. The army in these parts was scarcely needed and didn't look kindly on Bluecloaks taking their work and "making a nuisance of themselves." After a short argument with them about his business, Jevox was admitted. "Glad to see you boys are doing a bang up job on security and keeping intruders out." he said by way of a parting shot on the way out. The curses that came back as a reply made Jevox sigh.

He proceeded to the prison room where the gnome was being held. The barracks was fairly small, with only a small ground floor room with no windows to serve as the prison. The guard outside said that nobody or nothing had come this way since the prisoner was admitted and opened the door for Jevox. It took Jevox a moment to realize that the gnome was missing from the room. He suspected foul play and immediately began to inspect the room for signs of entry or struggle.

Chapter 12: A Coldspray in Hell – Vision at the Helm

"Run!" the words slowly leaked into Annabelle's hearing as she continued to stare at the flaming arrow. A stocky man slammed into her body, carrying her several yards before the force of an explosion bowled them off their feet. As she roughly rolled away, she glimpsed Robyn entangled with a thin sailor as they too tumbled to the ground. A moment later Annabelle felt an inferno washing through the alleyway.

Understand this lad, fate is a fickle lady. Work with the hand you're dealt and you may just be able to run your flag up the pole. Don't, and well, you may just find your mast cut down.

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