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Tell the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to Act Now to Restore the Pollock a

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World’s Largest Fishery on Verge of Collapse!


Hi Friends,

Something fishy is happening in the waters of Alaska, and it has a lot of animals starving for a solution -- and fast!

The fish species of pollock, used to make McDonald's fish sandwiches, frozen fish sticks, fish and chips, and imitation crabmeat, has seen a population decrease of 50 percent since last year! That's because factory fishing ships are taking too many fish out of the sea -- and pushing the world's largest food fishery to the verge of a total collapse. Factory fishing trawlers take over a million tons of pollock out of the ocean each year and the fish cannot reproduce and recover as quickly as they are being caught!


Scientists and conservationists have warned that unless the folks that manage the fishery reduce pressure on the pollock in the Bering Sea, the fish's entire ecosystem could be in jeopardy. Such a collapse threatens fur seals, whales, and endangered Steller sea lions that depend on the pollock for food! This would also prove devastating for the state's commercial fishermen and traditional coastal communities that depend on a healthy ocean for their livelihoods.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to Act Now to Restore the Pollock and Their Ecosystem!

Just as the financial institutions on Wall Street collapsed due to poor oversight and mismanagement—the pollock fishery is on the fast-track to collapse as well. In order to avoid a collapse, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, who has power over how many pollock get caught each year, must take swift and decisive action. When they meet in December they must reduce catch levels by half in order to return the pollock to healthier population levels. And YOU have to tell them to do it. That way we can make sure the ecosystem stays intact and fur seals, whales and sea lions have the food they need!

For the Ocean and All Its Creatures!


Greenpeace USA


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