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Demand Labeling of Gene-Altered Food

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Personally, I would not choose to eat milk or eggs

from genetically-engineered animals. We have no idea

how the food from gene-altered animals would affect

human health, wildlife, domesticated animals or the

environment. Yet the FDA has just proposed rules that

would allow the sale of gene-altered milk or meat

without requiring labeling.

Consumers deserve the right to know whether their

food is from genetically modified plants or animals.

Demand that the FDA require labeling of gene-altered



They are talking about pigs that are going to have

mouse genes in them -- and they think this should

not be labeled for consumers? Milk from cows engineered

to produce antibiotics would not be labeled? It's the

latest effort by the FDA to leave consumers in the dark

about what they're putting in their bodies.

Not only should the milk and meat from these animals

be studied to determine if they are safe, they should be

labeled so we know exactly what we are buying. But we

only have until October 31 to gather comments to the FDA.

Please take a moment today -- and tell the FDA that you

want to know the facts about the foods you buy:


Thanks for taking action!


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