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Help send 20,000 invites before the debate

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Dear Friends,

This Wednesday, we have a crucial opportunity to show the Presidential Candidates that people around the world want them to attend the upcoming UN Climate Meetings in Poland and commit to a strong climate treaty. Over 18,000 people have invited the candidates to the meetings - can you help us get to 20,000 before Wednesday's Presidential debate?

Send your invitation today:


Now it's time for us to take the message directly to the candidates themselves. At the final Presidential debate, this Wednesday, 350.org supporters will gather outside the debate, dressed as pilots and flight attendants, carrying a giant ticket to Poland for the next US President. The ticket is a symbol of the thousands of invitations you've helped send the candidates. 350.org staff are working to make sure the campaigns know about this delivery.

Help us get to 20,000 signatures before Wednesday's debate:


The more signatures we get, the more likely the campaigns will listen. If we can get over 20,000 signatures, the delivery will attract lots of attention for our important message: if the next President is serious about stopping climate change and repairing the United States' image in the world, he must attend the UN Climate Meeting this December in Poland.

Thanks for all your help,

Jamie Henn, Co-coordinator, and the whole 350.org Team


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