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Act Now to Stop the Gutting of the Endangered Species Act

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Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne's plan to gut the Endangered Species Act could signal the end of protection for thousands of species at risk of extinction. This week is our last chance to stop him.

If you're among the more than 40,000 people who've already signed the Center for Biological Diversity's petition to stop the disastrous changes to the Endangered Species Act ? thank you. If you haven't signed, now is the time. http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2167/t/5243/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=25351

The final deadline for public comments is Wednesday, October 15th. Tell the Interior Department not to enact its new rules, because they would:

? Exempt thousands of federal activities from review under the Endangered Species Act;

? Eliminate checks and balances of independent oversight;

? Limit which effects can be considered harmful;

? Prevent consideration of a project's contribution to global warming;

? Enable large-scale projects to go unreviewed by dividing them into hundreds of small projects.

We have to stop Kempthorne from crippling our nation's most successful wildlife law.

Join the Center for Biological Diversity's campaign to save the Act. Send a letter to Kempthorne and let your representatives in Congress know how you feel. http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2167/t/5243/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=25351

Then take a moment to forward this message to your friends and family and help spread the word.


Kieran Suckling

Executive Director

Center for Biological Diversity


                                               Look at the flowers

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But bears are evil... especially man bear pig... & that one that go into Sub Way... & all the black bears in New Jersey...

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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