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Stargate: Atlantis cancelled, Stargate: Universe in the works

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Sci Fi Channel has pulled the trigger on Stargate: Universe, the third series in the successful franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The new series, which has been in development for some time (see “Third Stargate Series in Development”), will kick off with a two hour movie early next year, with the regular series premiering in the summer.

The producers of the first two Stargate series, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, are also producing Universe. The storyline follows a team of explorers who end up on an ancient unmanned spaceship which takes them on a preprogrammed mission through space, and as such, will have more space-based action than the other two series. The producers are planning to look for a cast with a younger appeal, to introduce Stargate to a new audience.

Sci Fi Channel has announced that the current season of Stargate Atlantis, its fifth (see “Stargate Atlantis Renewed”) will be the last, and will be followed by a two hour movie in January 2009. The film will be shown on the Sci Fi Channel before being released on DVD.

Sci Fi has released two Stargate DTV movies, Ark of Truth and Continuum. Stargate Continuum, just released on DVD, was the third best selling DVD in America its first week of release (ssee “Stargate Continuum Solid on DVD”).

Stargate SG-1, the first series, ran 10 seasons on Showtime and Sci Fi; Stargate Atlantis will have run five years on Sci Fi Channel.

Hot damn!!! Yes! I hope to god they get a good cast this time and some better writers for the new series. The Atlantis crew is a joke except for Rodney and Selinka (sp?). But the story lines for the individual episodes have been horrible for the longest time too. (See my other topics for my stargate rants).


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