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Sucessful birthday fun for the hubby

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So, maybe I'm a bit weird but I thought what better way to celebrate my husband's birthday than going to one of Arizona's finest gentleman's clubs? I thought it was a great idea!:happy: My BFF and his g/f came as well and the guys sat back and watched the ladies dance. My husband isn't the type of man to get wasted and park him self at the stadge. He rarely drinks and 2 beers ( $6.50 for a bottled Heineken!!!) was his limit. Especially, after that price. LOL. I enjoyed the club. I had been to this club once before and everybody who works there is very nice, you can have a full dinner there, and it"s comfortable to sit in. It isn't like those cheap places where women named Bambi have 5 kids and have nothing better to do than rub their saggyness on you in a roach infested, muggy, bowling alley stinking box of a club. *cringes*

All in all I had a kick ass night out. Won't be able to get too many nights out with baby, but when we do it is totally worth it. Too bad that I wasn't allowed to take pics inside the club. It was so nice inside.


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