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The last few weeks and counting down..

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So I have 3 weeks left of my pregnancy and I am wondering if anyone others mothers remember what those last few weeks were like? I don't really remember having this when I was prego with my daughter, who is alomst 4 now, but lately I have been really depressed. My OBG gave me an anti depressant a few weeks ago which I did research on before I ever started taking it, that is one of, if not thee safest one to take during pregnancy. I made it all the way to almost 8 months before I felt like this and had to start up on anti depressants again ( I havn't used them in years). It helped alot up untill this week. I feel so down in the dumps and I hate it. I can't do much since I keep putting myself into pre term labor ( I am obsessed with cleaning my house once a week. This includes scrubbing down EVERYTHING on a weekly basis). I don't have too much to be upset about. Yeah my car is gone but I am getting used to driving my husband's big ass durango. Money is tight, but everyone I know is kinda tight right now. It's working itself out. So...I dunno what came over me.

Did anyone else have any issues like this these last weeks of pregnancy?

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Don't want it to sound like a sob story. I just need some feed back


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