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Stephen Baldwin, BOOM! Team Up

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BOOM! Studios (Pulp Tales, Blood Bowl) has announced a joint venture with actor Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome) and Andrew Cosby, one of the creators of the Sci-Fi Channel’s Eureka, to create The Remnant, a four-issue miniseries described as a “supernatural thriller in the vein of 24” that will “explore the fundamental questions of human life and our perception of reality.” While Baldwin is an outspoken Christian conservative, BOOM! isn’t positioning The Remnant as a religious title, and Baldwin says of the book that the stories should “speak, not preach, to the reader.”

The creative talent behind The Remnant is writer Caleb Monroe, contributor to anthology Negative Burn (by Desperado Publishing), and the upcoming Christian anthology Parable, due out in November from Viper Comics. He and cover artist Paul Azaceta (B.P.R.D: 1946, Captain Marvel) and new artist Julian Totino Tedesco will work under direction from Baldwin and Cosby.

Stephen Baldwin helping out with a new comic. The comic might be interesting. But look at what movies their referenced for Stephen Baldwin, Bio-Dome.


Out of all the movies Steve has been in, they referenced Bio-Dome like everyone will remember that shit Pauly Shore movie. well, I remember it. lmao. X'D


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