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DVD Burning

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I'm sure my computer has a DVD burner in it, on account that I can burn music and such. I've had Texhnolyze on my computer for quite a long time. Since it is one of the few animes I actually watch, I was wanting to burn it and stuff.

What I'm basically wondering is, is what settings and types of DVDs I need to burn all 22 episodes.

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- DVD+R, if you plan to keep the show on the dvd forever.

- Burning software, Nero is pretty good if you don't mind spending money. Most of the time I use free software called dvdflick and isoburn.

- Regional code, figure out what regional code your DVD players use. If you burn a cd using a regional code that's not supported by your DVD player, it wont play. You can also burn the DVD to run on all dvd players (recommended).

thats about it.


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My dvd burner came with Ulead DVD MovieFactory. I'm assuming yours probably came with some sort of dvd burning software too. Basically, you'll want to use a DVD+R disk and you'll want to burn a "Data Disk". Usually once you choose that option a windows explorer looking folder opens up. Click and drag the episodes you want to burn onto the disk and the little window should tell you if you have enough space on the disk to burn them all or not. There might be a check box to "complete disk", check that and then just click burn.

Then test your disk once its done by playing some eps and then you should be all set. Of course data disks don't play on dvd players, at least any of the ones I have. So region code doesn't really apply to data disks. If you have software that'll burn the episodes into dvd player's format, then you'll have to set the region code or it'll burn by default as region 1 as long as you bought the burner or computer in the US. Of course, dvd player formated disks will only let you burn maybe 3 or 4 eps per disk, maybe more because of the file size? I dunno.

Usually 22-25 eps fit on a single layer 4.7 dvd+r no problem. So 26 episode series usually annoy me when I burn them because I'll have 1 episode left over that I'll have to burn on a disk with another series.

BTW, if you can burn eps so they can play on a dvd player, or if you are copying dvd movies, or anything you plan on playing on a dvd player, I would use a DVD-R disk instead of a DVD+R. For some reason DVD-R disks seem to play on almost any dvd player, but +R disks aren't always recognized. -R disks burn a helluva lot slower on average tho, so for all your anime data disks, I'd stick to +R.


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Thanks for the help btw, it works really well with ConvertXtoDVD.

My uncle wants to see that summerslam 2008 shit so I dl'd it for him, unfortunately it's a bunch of files like these:




in two separate folders called CD1 and CD2.

How do I go about making these playable/burnable?


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I figured it out.

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