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the shit still to be explained...

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keep in mind that during the strike they went back and reworked a nice chunk of the last half of season 4.

The new buzz now is that the series finale, the last ep of BSG ever is 3 hours long.

If Laura Roslin is the dying leader that gets them to their new home then why is she still alive on this irradiated earth they've found?

How long ago was the nuk war on this earth?

If the 5th isn't in the fleet is it someone dead or someone on earth who sent the signal to starbucks raptor?

Tigh and C6 first known cylon/cylon pregnancy?

wtf is up w/ starbuck and her raptor?

who or what sent that signal to her raptor?

wtf is up with the head ppl?!

how the 5 differ from the 7?

feel free to add yer own wtf :P


                                               Look at the flowers

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