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Moon Doggie

*reappears* o.o

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*reappears in a puff of magical blue sparkling smoke then coughs up some glitter* x.x must of used too much smoke

anyways, it's been forever since i've been on here. i went through a couple of compy changes them being taken out and sold and having another random one thrown in so i kinda lost the link to this place ^_^:

so while i was mia everyone is getting knocked up now x.x Rachel is pregnant, my friend just had her baby, my friend's sister is pregnant, the girl that sits a few desks away from me in spanish is pregnant..... that's about all that i know of at the moment :P

*pokes everyone and runs around flailing* i have a concert this thursday and end of course exams next week AND i got my permit so i can vroom vroom legally now!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! *dances* so yeah.... i think that sums it up *flies away* O.o!

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