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Help Save America's Last Wild Forests

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One-third of America's national forests are protected from road-building and other industrial development by the Roadless Area Conservation Rule -- but now the administration is working state-by-state to open these treasured places to logging, mining and other development. As it gets ready to head out the door, the Bush government seems intent on handing the keys to our national forests over to the timber and mining industries. Without your help, their future is at risk.

Currently at stake:

* Alaska's Tongass National Forest, where the administration has proposed to increase logging in the world's largest remaining temperate rainforest;

* Idaho's Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, where the administration has announced plans to open the largest swath of wild forest in the Lower 48 to logging and mining;

* Colorado's Rocky Mountains, where the administration plans to open to development a majestic landscape with trout streams, rock-ribbed trails, and diverse wildlife that make it a world-class destination for outdoor recreation.

The Roadless Area Conservation Rule currently protects these special places despite ongoing efforts by the Bush administration to undo it -- stymied only because Americans stood tall and took action. Our national forests should be our gift to future generations, not a giveaway to corporate special interests.

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