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PS3 - Blu-Ray firmware updates

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Heres something interesting in regards to Blu-ray and the PS3.


Posted by Richard Brownell at 05:31:50 PM EST on 3.23.2008.

One of the PlayStation 3's advantages over other early Blu-Ray players is that its firmware can be updated to support new features in Blu-Ray movies. The next firmware update for the PS3, due out in March, adds support for Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 or BD-LIVE, enabling PS3 owners to experience interactive features, such as downloadable video content, ringtones, games, and more.

In addition, the update includes improvement to interoperability with PSP, allowing music and photo playlists to be shared between the two systems.

"With Blu-ray established as the high-definition optical disc standard, more consumers are ready to jump in and take advantage of everything the format offers," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA. "Whether you want to download movie extras, send ringtones to your phone, or play interactive games, BD-LIVE will offer exciting new ways to enjoy a Blu-ray movie. With these regular firmware updates and future-proofed technology, SCEA is making the 10-year lifecycle of PS3 possible."

The first two movies to include these new features are Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and The 6th Day. Perhaps these aren't the movies you were hoping for, but it's a start.

The new firmware update also includes a few more miscellaneous updates:

- "Resume play" will enable PS3 system to start playing a Blu-ray disc and DVD at the point it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed.(*1)

- "Audio Output Device" will be a new Remote Play setting, enabling PSP to serve as a remote control for music played through PS3.

- PS3 system's Internet browser will be enhanced: Video files directly linked from a Web page will be able to be streamed, and the browser's view speed will be improved.

- DivX and WMV format videos that are larger than 2GB will be playable.

- "Mosquito Noise Reduction" will be added as an AV setting in the control panel of the DVD/BD player for improved movie playback.(*2)

Firmware updates.


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It is also interesting to note that the PS3 has begun to outsell the 360 from month to month, and comparing their first ten months from launch, the PS3 has performed better. Of course there are all kinds of fanboyism reasons the PS3 still sucks. The MGS4 launch will be quite interesting.


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