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Sonic Unleashed info leaked

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Posted by Justin Jones at 07:58:38 AM EST on 3.25.2008.

In case you had been wondering how long it would take Sega to run back to the well for another dip, here's some news that you may find particularly interesting.

For whatever reason, some Sonic fans were perusing Sega's FTP site when they came upon something that was not meant for the public eye. Screenshots of something called Sonic Unleashed, a title that Sega trademarked earlier this month.

But in addition to screenshots, gameplay footage was also found, giving way to speculation that the next Sonic title was well underway and that Sega was stockpiling a deluge of hype material for the months to come.

Now that the info has made its way to every corner of the internet, a couple details have been confirmed.

1. All images and video belong to one Sonic game, despite the difference in camera angles with the screenshots and footage.

2. The title is currently scheduled for a holiday release in November (remember what happened last time Sega did that? We got the horrid Sonic Next Gen).

All the info that was retrieved from Sega's FTP has since been removed. No plot details have been made available, and current release platforms are unknown. Given the screenshots, the Wii seems somewhat unlikely, but it is always possible that a graphically scaled down version (or, in the case of Sonic's last outing, an entirely different game) exists.

Check the link for all the screenshots. They did have a video clip but it was on youtube and it was taken down. If anyone has seen the clip and can post a link to it, I'm sure some of us would like to see it. ^_~


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Bleh, I have lost a bit of faith in team sonic, they have sold their games based on the character rather than the quality of the game. The last few sonic games were completely atrocious, and one of the major reasons is because of the camera angle system they refuse to fix. I saw the video, it looks like they are trying to bring Sonic back to his roots, so who knows.


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