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Police: Texas Toddler May Have Been Crushed by Obese Relative

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LA JOYA, Texas — Authorities suspect a 2-year-old boy who died with a fractured skull was accidentally crushed by a morbidly obese relative.

Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Bobby Contreras, who pronounced the child dead Tuesday night, said that investigators believe the woman fell on the child.

"It didn't look like there was any foul play from what I saw," he said.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday afternoon with the official cause of death to be released Monday.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino, who termed the death "suspicious," said he would wait for the official cause of death before deciding whether to file charges.

The child's identity has not been released. He was believed to have been dropped off by his mother to spend the day with the bedridden relative, The McAllen Monitor reported Friday.

Who in the hell would leave a 2 year old with a bedridden person? :wtf:


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