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Come With Me

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Come With Me

Come with me, let's take a walk,

We don't have to go far, we'll just talk.

It won't be long, that you'll be gone.

It will be a journey, just you and me.

Come with me, let's take a ride,

I'll show you my hidden side.

It doesn't matter where we go,

For wherever I am I'll know,

That it's an adventure, just you and me.

Come with me, let's run away.

Fuck everything else, we don't have to deal with it today.

We'll drink and eat and laugh and play,

And I know everything will be okay.

It will be a whole lifetime, just you and me.

Imagine if there was nobody but us every single day.

Let's do it, I don't know how but we'll find a way.

We'll leave this place, with no direction we'll just roam.

We'll keep on going until we find home.

And we'll go places nobody else has ever been,

And we'll tell our children all the things we've seen.

And I know that when it's time to go I'll cheerfully say farewell,

For as long as it's with you, it's been a life lived well.

Because what is life without love?

aomsehri \|/

This post is definitely my greatest contribution to the site.

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