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To You

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To you, who has been hurt and decided to use trickery as revenge.

Pain has been dealt and shared.

We ended because of someone and our friendship became lost because of a decision.

You ordered me not to contact

you but there's something you need to know. I don't blame you for anything,

but I know you blame

me for everything.

Here is the last that you will ever hear of me. Hell, I know for a fact that

you won't even

get this far, but I hope you do.

I want to thank you for everything that we had/ My heart, though aching, is not broken like

you had wanted it to. We


great times and we had down right crappy times. I dislike the way we ended.

But this time, it was all on you.

You wanted me back and I came.

I would call you and you would pretend to be busy.

Though I am angered by you, I do not wish you harm in your life. I never have.

I knew the whole time that you were lying to me and using me to buy you cigarettes and food. But I

loved you with everything I am and I paid no attention to your lies.

Now approaches a time where we will have to confront each other again.

All I have to ask you is this,

"Will you be ready"?

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