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Astro Empires

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Does anyone else play this graphic/text based web MMO? I've been playing for about 101 days and it's getting fun. My guild and several other guilds are having a huge war. Its a space type game that starts you out on an astro (or a planet). You basically build up your defense and make ships to explore space and battle with others. Eventuly when your tech level gets higher you will have the ability to colonize other astros to expand your empire.

Anyway, if your into text based, slow web games, then you may definitely like this. The link above is my user account invite so if your register it should set you up on the same server as me. In case it does not then just pick Alpha server and message me (DeathfireD). I can help you get started if any of you do want to play it.


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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