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I was just wonderin if anyone else has watched this.


I watched it again today, it depressed me and of course pissed me off. >.<

though I do believe Yeshua son of Joseph and Mary did live and teach I can see where most religions (espically the Christian ones) originated.

The 911 stuff makes me so sick and angry I wanna shoot George W in his fuckin face. I learned shit about our financial institution they never taught in school and it made me pretty ill too -_-;


                                               Look at the flowers

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I don't necessarily agree with most of the stuff in the video since I've been keeping up with most of it (ie. the RFID chip/ID card and American Union). This documentary had the right idea but allot has changed since it was made. Most of the info in it is wrong or has been explain this past year. The RFID/ID card for example is not accepted yet even though they said it was signed by congress. Last year my state and a many others have already strongly voted against the use of one ID card for everything and will continue to refuse it even if its approved on. As long as other states keep voting against it (which they have been), there wont be such a thing in the future.

As for the North American Union. That's coming whether we like it or not sometime in the future. Almost all the current presidential candidates have positive ties with the concept or avoid talking about the theory all together. The idea is extremely bad considering the financial and cultural differences we have. It's gonna take allot to prevent them from doing such a thing. I think Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are the only ones currently opposed to it although Mike likes the ID so don't vote for him lol. I could be wrong though. We may have to rely on Canada's strong popular opinion to prevent the Union from ever happening since most appose it strongly.

The whole 9/11 thing...I wont even get started on how much I hate propaganda like this video. Its a load of crap and their doing exactly like what they claim the media is doing, "feeding it to us over and over again". So I wont continue since I'll probably blow up with hatred lol.

The religion thing was cool. I had always figured they where all tied together somehow. In my opinion, I think religion is our major downfall in society. Don't get me wrong I think it's great to believe in a god(s), heck I believe, but people go way overboard. Believing it's right to kill in the name of their god or sacrifice their lives. Thats nuts, why would any god want his or her own creation to kill it's self or others? Stupid, just stupid.

The bank thing was pretty obvious. Everyone knows that the government and wars are run by rich people that just want to make more money.

"When the rich wage war its the poor who die" - Linkin Park

Overall good documentary.


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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