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30 days of night

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This movie was definitely different. The cast for the vampires was great! Gotta love asian and russian Vampires.

The downside to the movie though was the speed of the story. It seemed like allot was cut out from the film since the story jumps around so much(example: the first day was nuts, the next thing we know its the 6th day..and we never see them eat until like the 11th day). I'm not sure if this was what they intended to do or if theres more that will be on a directors cut version.

Other then that the movie was nicely done. There is no crazy over the top dramatics, theres no "super heros" its just common people trying to survive from a group of vampires. The end was a bit far fetched though but I suppose I can let it slide.

the main character injects him self with Vampire blood and takes on the lead Vampire killing him and of course scaring the others away. Now that he's a Vampire he knows the only way to prevent himself from killing his own friends and family is to die by watching the sun rise on the 31st day. If he had survived due to some immunity or something I would have been mad, but he didn't. He died as a hero.

"Girl: god please help me

Vampire: God? *looks around* no god..."


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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