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Three Girls and a Communist CH8

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Three Girls and a Communist

Chapter 8

The city of Moncton... has been plagued by super-villains over the years. But the citizens of Moncton need not fear. All these dastardly deviants are kept safely locked away at the Moncton Meta-Human Correctional Facility. This state of the art jail is just the place to keep criminals that have extraordinary powers. With such hardened criminals such as:

The Germinator’, a man who can control the very forces of nature, ‘Bee-Elzabug’, the queen bee, ‘The Duke of Whales’, the captain of a flying battle fortress shaped like a whale, ‘The Road Raiders’, brothers Wallace and William, better known as ‘Road Rage’, and ‘Road Kill’, the motorcycle maniacs, and many more.

Most terrifying of all was the insidious, the nefarious, the infamous, the man known only as ‘Mein Heir’. Truly this is a criminal mastermind like no other. Born and raised in Nazi Germany, this former Hitler Youth came to within a goose step of total world domination.

Using his vast knowledge of technology combined with German ingenuity, he created a machine to enhance his mind control powers one thousand fold. Fortunately for all, The Communist stumbled on to his plans and put a stop to them with only moments to spare.

Ever since that day Mein Heir has been kept locked up in a special chamber created to block out his mind control waves and telekinetic powers. For five years he has remained so. Plotting his revenge on the Communist.

Outside, a shadowy, capped, figure stood out of view. He laughed with anticipation.

Get ready boys,” he began. “Prepare yourselves for this day of days. Today we will defeat those accursed Powerpuff Girls once and, irrefutably, for all.”

He stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to the light. He stood at a mere 3 feet 10 inches tall. His green skin stood out against his black fur. This was no man. This was more of a chimp. He wore a familiar blue outfit.

When I, Mojo Jojo, put my cunning plan into motion those accursed girls shall not be able to save the day in their usual fashion,” he continued. “They will be defeated on this day. They will be crushed, smashed, pounded, and caused serious bodily harm to on this day. And that is to say that they will be destroyed. And then with my life's work complete I will be free to take over the world. I will enslave this planet and make its inhabitants do my bidding. I will make their bidding my bidding and thus they shall do my bidding and only my bidding, not anyone else's bidding.”

So what is your great plan, Mojo?” asked a second shadow. He stepped out from the darkness. He was a young boy, no older then eight, dressed in red. He had a red cap covering his long red hair.

Two more boys joined him from the shadows. One had black hair and a green outfit. He was called Butch. The other had blond hair and a blue outfit. He was called Boomer.

I’m glad you asked, Brick,” answered Mojo. “This is where the city of Moncton keeps all its super powered criminals. You three will break in and cause havoc. I want you to free all of the captive criminals so that they are running free and not held captive. I want you to get them to cause more havoc in the city thus causing the Powerpuff Girls to come in and save the day. They will be forced to fight wave after wave of powerful villains until they are tired, exhausted, and have not the strength to defend themselves,” he paused briefly before continuing. “That is when we will strike. With the girls in their exhausted state you will have an edge over them. No mere kiss, or amount of embarrassment by them is going to defeat you this time. You will be triumphant! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....” he laughed maniacally. He composed himself before continuing. “Now quickly boys, break in and free the criminals. I will return to the lair and put the finishing touches on my Robo Jojo Mk.II.”

His speech finished he turned and retreated back to the shadows and then to his secret lair.

Brick turned to his brothers. “Well you heard the monkey. Let’s make mayhem!”

* * *

Meanwhile, back in town. Three little girls were enjoying a nice relaxing summer day. It had been a few weeks since they had reached an agreement with the Communist and so far things were running smoothly.

Bubbles stretched and yawned. She smiled and looked up to the clouds. She saw many shapes in them: a bunny, a flower, a pony... Oh how she wanted a pony. But the Professor said that they couldn't have one. She had long since accepted this but that didn't stop her from dreaming.

The beeping of the hot line phone quickly shattered the peace and tranquility.

Blossom rushed to answer. “Yes mayor? What? A jail break? Who? All of them!?” She hung up the phone and turned to her sisters. “Girls, we've got work to do.”

* * *

Back at the prison the Rowdyruff Boys had already freed most of the villains. The guards were a joke. The wouldn't have been a problem for even just one of them. This was so easy it was boring. However, the promise of destroying the Powerpuff Girls made them stick to the plan.

They walked down a long corridor. The guards here seemed to better armed then throughout the rest of the jail but they were still no match for the Rowdyruff Boys.

Whoever is down here has got to be strong,” commented Brick. “Can't you feel that evil? It's so thick you could touch it.”

The other two laughed. “And we're going to let it out!” replied Butch.

Finally they came to a strange door bathed in an eery red glow. It was covered in wires, tubes, and carious other pieces of machinery. One final guard stood between them and this last evil to release.

If you have any sense of sanity you will not release this man!” he yelled at them, almost pleading. “You don't know what he's capable of!”

The boys laughed at his sorry attempt at a warning. Boomer shot over and quickly knocked him aside.

Butch walked over and cracked his knuckles. He put his hands on the door and was about to rip it from it's hinges when he was assaulted by a sudden feeling of dread and fear. He took a step back. “I don't know about this guys...” he said in a concerned voice. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Move aside then doofus!” commanded Brick. “I'll do it!” He placed his hands on the door and was instantly hit by the same feeling of dread and fear that had hit Butch. He took a step back. “What the hell is in this?”

Footsteps echoed from behind the door. “Having trouble with the door boys?” asked an oddly soothing voice.

Who are you?” asked Brick.

I am but a humble servant of my leader. But I can be of help to you if you let me out.” he replied. “But I suspect that the door will give you some trouble.”

What do you mean?”

It was designed to assail anyone who touches it with a deep dark feeling of hopelessness,” the voice from inside continued. “Just ignore them and open it.”

Oh this is stupid,” stated Boomer. “It's just a door! I'll prove it!”

He walked up and placed his hands on the metallic door. He was hit by the same wave of dark feelings that his brothers felt but pushed onward. Something deep inside him pushed him forward. He grasped the door and with great strength pulled on it. The door creaked and moaned as the metal was stressed to capacity. With a shower of sparks the door gave way was was riped clean off. Boomer threw it aside like it was made of paper.

The inside was dark. The boys couldn't see anything. They heard footsteps coming towards them. Out of the darkness walked an aged, wrinkled, old man wearing an old black overcoat with a red band on the arm.

He smiled when he saw Boomer. “You can always count on arians,” he said happily.

This is it?” asked a disappointed Brick. “This is what is supposed to be so scary? You're nothing more then an old man! What can you possibly do?”

The old man stopped and looked at Brick. His eyes flashed with blue and Brick was sent hurtling through the air.

Awesome!” exclaimed Butch and Boomer.

The old man bowed. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mein Heir. Thank you for freeing me. As promised I will help you.” He stopped and stood back up. “But not today. I have been away for far too long and it is high time I get back to work.”

The ground around him began to sprout vegetation.

I will be taking my leave now,” he began. “Until we meet again.”

Tree bark came out from the ground and enveloped him like a cocoon. It sank back into the ground like an elevator and carried Mein Heir away with it.

Butch looked around. “Well, I guess we're done here,” he said. He stretched his arms. “Well let's go find brick and go meet Mojo.

Boomer nodded. The two took off down the corridor where Brick was thrown to.

* * *

Back in town it was total chaos. Buildings were on fire. People were running in a panic. Countless super powered villains were running amok.

The girls looked on in awe. There were so many people in trouble is was almost impossible to know where to start.

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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Guest MagicOPromotion

I saw some pic of Orlando from POTC. I think I can get used used to him in his new role. However, doesnt he go back to playing a blonde character in Troy? If he does Ill be having Legolas fantasies again

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