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Three girls and a Communist CH7

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Three Girls and a Communist

Chapter 7

The city of Moncton... is well protected from evil. This fair city has not one but four defenders of justice. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls, use their ultra super powers to protect the people and defeat the forces of evil. Last but certainly not least, the Communist also call Moncton home. Using ancient arts of stealth and combat he hands out his own brand of justice... sometimes falling short of the archetype of super-herodom.

On this mid afternoon the girls are hot on the track of the Communist. Today was the day they would put an end to this silly rivalry between them. However, they didn’t exactly agree on the way to do it.

The girls landed at the address given to them by the mayor.

"So tell me again why we’re not just crashing through the window like we usually do?" asked buttercup a little annoyed.

"Because we’re not here to start fight," answered Blossom. "Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that this guy doesn’t have to be our enemy."

"Well that would be a lot easier to if he didn’t try to blow us up first!"

Blossom had no response to her sisters comment. Never the less this, in her mind, was worth a shot. Surely no member of the Justice League, current or former, could truly be evil. This had to be a salvageable.

The girls entered the doorway and wrung the buzzer. Moments passed and the door unlocked. Cautiously, the girls entered the apartment complex. They walked up the stairs to the right floor. They looked for the apartment and found it with ease. The door had been left open for them.

They entered and were amazed by what they saw. The apartment was extremely well kept. Everything was clean and neat. A few magazines were neatly arranged on the coffee table. The walls were a clean off white. The was couch a deep blue. This didn’t look like the lair of some evil mastermind. This looked like just a regular apartment.

The Communist was sitting in a recliner with his feet up. He was enjoying some chocolate pudding. "Welcome girls," he greeted them. His voice had the same eery calm tone that it did on that night. "Please do come in. Make yourselves at home," he instructed motioning to the couch.

The girls sat down. "Can I offer you anything?" the Communist offered. "Milk and cookies perhaps?"

"No thank you. We’re ok," Blossom answered. She took great care to be as polite as possible.

"So what? You take away my job and suddenly my cookies aren’t good enough for you?!" he snapped.

"Um, that’s actually why we’re here. Look we’re really sorry that-"

"Sorry for what?" the Communist interrupted. "Not finishing me off when you had the chance?"

"No. No. You’ve got it all wrong..."

"I see how it is..." he began. "You came to finish me off! Well I can’t let that happen... Um, you there, blue one. Bubbles, right? Could you possibly move a little close to your sisters please?"

Bubbles did as she was instructed and moved over. "Like this?"


The Communist flipped open the arm of his recliner and pressed a button on the hidden controller. The ceiling opened and a concrete piece of sewer pipe swung down. It sent the girls crashing through the window.

The girls flew through the air and crashed on the ground. The picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. "Well that went well," Buttercup began sarcastically. "I told you all communists were evil! Comic books don’t lie!"

"Buttercup, this must all be some misunderstanding," Blossom began. "We just need to explain to him that-"

"Explain nothing! It’s butt kicking time!"

The Communist jumped down from his apartment and crossed his arms over his chest. He was ready for the coming battle.

Buttercup charged the Communist. He didn’t move. He didn’t flinch. He stood there, anticipating the attack. "It’s go time!" Buttercup shouted. "Buttercrush Punch!" She closed in and threw a flying punch at him. Still he didn’t move.

Suddenly, at the last moment, he took two fingers and pressed down on the back of Buttercups hand. This threw her off balance and sent her flying past him. She crashed into the apartment building.

"Buttercup!" Bubbles yelled. Bubbles Charged at the Communist. Again he didn’t move.

Meanwhile, Buttercup had recovered from her failed attack. She charged the Communist from behind.

Mere seconds before impact the Communist leaped into the air and guided the two girls to smash into each other. He landed on them and forced their heads into the pavement. He laughed and did a back flip off of them. "You’re going to have to do a lot better than that," he taunted.

Bubbles and Buttercup quickly went after him again and again. Each time he dodged, diverted, or countered their attacks with little to no difficulty. All the while Blossom was trying to defuse the situation unsuccessfully.

Before long the two sisters got tired. They collapsed on the ground panting. "Man, who is this guy? Jackie Chan?" Buttercup commented between breaths.

An eery smile crawled across the Communists face. "My turn."

He took out his windmill shurikens and spun them up.

Blossom quickly got in the way. "Stop! Just stop and wait a minute!" she pleaded. "We didn’t come here to fight you." She paused before continuing. "Look, I know we came in and sort of stole the show away from you but that’s not what we meant to do. All we wanted to do was use our powers to help people."

Again she paused. This was becoming very emotional for her. "I know how you must feel right now: hurt, betrayed, alone... Believe me... I know what it’s like. We’ve been there. Back in Townsville we were super heroes. We saved the day and fought bad guys. Then one day this guy called Major Man showed up and started saving the day before we could." Blossom began to sound more and more saddened by these memories... but she had to finish. "Before long the people had forgotten all about us... they didn’t need us anymore." She did her best to hold back the tear that dredging up these awful memories wanted so badly to let out. "In the end it turned out that Major Man was a fraud and had been setting up all the disasters he stopped but that didn’t change how hurt and betrayed we all felt..."

Buttercup stood and placed a hand on her sisters shoulder. "Blossom... I... I never knew you felt so strongly about this..."

Blossom wiped her tears away and forced a smile at the Communist. "So instead of fighting why don’t we team up?"

The Communist looked at her with cold darkness in his eyes. "No."

"What? But why?" Blossom began confused. "Don’t you think teaming up would benefit the city greatly?"


"Why not though?" Blossom asked again.

"Simple," the Communist answered. "I work alone."

"Then why don’t we take turns?" she suggested.

The Communist stopped his blades from spinning and pondered her suggestion for a moment. "Go on."

"Why don’t we protect the city during the day and you protect it during the night?" she explained.

The Communist thought on this. What the girl was saying made sense and was reasonable.

"That way everyone wins. I mean, it must be really hard for you to protect the city all day every day," she added.

The Communist put away his weapons. "Very well," he replied. "I will accept your proposal. Communists are if anything else, reasonable." He paused before continuing. "However, I have some ground rules: 1) I still don’t like you. It’s not personal anymore; I just hate kids. 2) Under no circumstances are you to be within 50 feet of me. And 3) Don’t interfere with the way I work. Ever."

He turned to leave when Buttercup spoke up. "So that’s it then? You try to kill us and now we’re just supposed to trust you?"

The Communist turned back the girls and laughed. "Oh I never tried to kill you. I just wanted to send you a message even you could understand," he began, insinuating things about buttercups intelligence.


"Trust me when I say this: If I was trying to kill you, you would be dead now."

Again he turned to leave but Blossom interrupted him this time. "So then now that thats settled. Maybe you can train us?"

Again he laughed and turned to face them. "No! Now go home and leave me alone!" he dashed off before the girls could say anything more.

Blossom turned to her sister, Buttercup. "See, I told you it was a misunderstanding."

"Oh brother..." she replied exasperated.

And so once again the day is saved thanks to... The Powerpuff Girls!

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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