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Geneon has fallen

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In the wake of the collapse of its sales and marketing agreement with ADV, Geneon Entertainment has notified retailers that it is "ceasing the sales of DVDs and all related distribution and marketing operations as of 5 pm PDT on Friday, September 28th." Geneon will only take orders on catalog products and on new releases with a street date of November 6th or earlier -- thus effectively canceling all post November 6th releases and prematurely ending a number of anime series including Hellsing Ultimate, Karin, Kyo Kara Maoh Season 2, Shonen Onmyoji, Black Lagoon Second Barrage, Law of Ueki, Story of Saiunkoku, When They Cry, and Rozen Maiden Traumend. Geneon also announced that it will not accept requests for returns after 5 pm PST on November 30th.

Geneon's announcement signals the increasing consolidation of the American anime industry, which is being squeezed by high costs, declining sales, and continued illegal downloading. For several years Geneon, which has roots in the industry that reach back to the early 1980s, has been the third-largest anime-focused player in the market (after FUNimation and ADV), and its withdrawal from the business makes this a sad day for the American anime industry.

Ouch. I wonder if they'll end up bankrupt or if they'll get bought outright now.


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ANN has better news. They're just dropping anything they were doing anime related as of today actually. This is following the drop of their plans to let ADV do their marketing and sales (no news as to why this fell through, Geneon and ADV reps are keeping their mouths shut).

It's not to surprising really since Geneon was taking so many huge leaps of faith with the anime they were licensing as of late (most of their newer titles have fallen into the anime aimed heavily at Otaku). I'm still sad to see them drop out though considering Geneon was one of the better companies in the anime licensing game. Now we have to rely solely on Bandai, Viz, ADV, and Funimation (*shudder*).

Guess that means I should really get around to buying that last DearS DVD that I have yet to buy (only title I'm currently buying that Geneon has licensed and released stateside).


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i saw it is their own fault for over charing people willing to buy the product as well as taking so long to release the item as a complete series,.

personally im to impatient to wait for the volumes 3+

id just download them


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