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Three Girls CH5

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Three Girls and a Communist

Chapter 5

The city of Moncton... A place where news is everywhere. And in the past couple of weeks those loveable little girls have been in the news a lot: "Powerpuff Girls stop daring bank robbery!", "Powerpuff Girls save family from blazing building!", "Aluminum Man ‘foiled’ by Powerpuff Girls!", "Powerpuff Girls help clean muddy river!", "Moncton agrees: We love the Powerpuff Girls!". Well not all of Moncton loves those little girls. The criminals of Moncton certainly don’t.

The Communist stood at a bus stop reading the morning’s paper. ‘Powerpuff Girls to receive super hero award from mayor at city hall’ He tore the newspaper in a fit of anger. "Powerpuff Girls.... Powerpuff Girls.... Oh how I hate the Powerpuff Girls!" he growled. "That should be MY award!"

He began to walk down the street, still brooding over his ill feelings. "Stupid girls! How dare they fly in and steal the spotlight away from me! I’m the one who should be recognized! I’ve only been protecting this town for 4 years now..." he mumbled to himself. "I don’t get it... I’ve managed to keep out the other Justice Leaguers and the new Teen Titans. How come I’m getting beat by three little girls!"

He let out a deep sigh "Maybe I should just pack it up and go back to active duty with the Justice League." He pauses and thought back. Every time he was sent out on a mission he always got paired up with people he hated: Superman, General Glory, Wonder Woman... It was always someone who made him look bad or had it out for him for being a communist. "On second thought, I think I’d rather eat a box of rusty nails and wash it down with some boiling acid."

"But what am I going to do about those troublesome Powerpuff Girls... if this keeps up I’m going to be a laughing stock," he stopped and thought about it for a while. "Maybe it’s time I had a little ‘chat’ with those annoying brats. Yes... that will do nicely."

He hurried back to his apartment to prepare for what needed to be done.

Later that night all was quiet at the Moncton Mall. Suddenly an alarms breaks the silence. Within minutes, the Powerpuff Girls arrive on the scene.

"Ok girls, fan out and find the person or persons behind this break-in," commanded Blossom.


The girls ziped around the mall. They checked everywhere but were unable to find anything. They regrouped in the food court.

"Find anything Buttercup?" asked Blossom.


"What about you Bubbles?" she asked.


"Then who could have set off the alarm?" she wondered.

"That would have been me," answered a voice from the shadows.

The girls turned and looked to where the voice came from. There a shadowy figure sat in darkness. The girls were unable to make out who it was. All they could make out was his large coat and his unusual hat.

"Hello girls," he called out to them. His voice was calm and almost soothing. "How good of you to join me. I’m so glad you could come on such short notice."

A spotlight light up and illuminated a table with three chairs.

"Please, have a seat," asked the shadowy figure.

"Who are you?" demanded Blossom, not budging from her position.

"Questions come later!" answered the figure in an almost alarming tone. "Please, sit," his voice returning to his calm attitude.

Blossom glanced over to the other girls. With a nod, they took their seats.

"Tell me girls, how are you all doing tonight?" he asked with a hint of sarcasm. "Can I get you anything? Something to drink maybe?"

"I’ll have orange juice," Bubbles requested excitedly .

Blossom calmed her. "We’re fine. What do you want?"

"Questions come later, my dear," answered the voice. "Tell me, are you three good little girls?"

"Of course we are," Blossom answered. "We are super heroes after all," she added, almost as if bragging.

"Silly girl. Being a super hero has nothing to do with being good. Now tell me, do you ever do anything bad?" he asked, almost sounding like he already knew the answer to his question. "Like do you ever take things that don’t belong to you?"

"No, never."

"Um, Blossom," Bubbles began. "What about that time you stole those golf clubs?"

"Not now, Bubbles!" Blossom interrupted her.

"I see..." said the voice, sounding pleased. "So you have a history of theft."

"It was only that one time and it was a long time ago..." Blossom began to explain. "Wait, why am I even defending myself to you? What are you getting at anyways?"

"It’s quite simple girls," explained the figure. "You’ve taken something from me, something very dear to me, and I intend to get it back."

"What are you talking about?" Blossom asked confused. "We haven’t stolen anything from you. We don’t even know who you are."

"Oh but you have!" answered the voice. His tone was getting angry now. "You annoying little pests are just too spoiled to notice!"

The girls remained silent at this accusation, getting angry themselves.

"I don’t like it when little pests come into MY city!" he said quite angry now. "I don’t like it when they come and take away what is rightfully MINE! I don’t like it when they come and hog all the glory for themselves!" He regained his composure before continuing.

"You see girls I’m the resident super hero here. Up until a few weeks ago I was the ONLY super hero in town. I liked it that way. I intend to have it go back that way. " he laughed and in a smug tone added "Now why don’t you be good little girls and go back to playing with your dollies... or whatever it is you kids do these days."

"We fight crime and the force of evil, actually," replied Blossom.

"Duh, it’s what we do," added Bubbles.

"And we do it by kicking butt!" finished Buttercup as she charged the figure. She stopped her charge a foot short of the figure. "Huh?"

The lifeless figure fell to the ground revealing that it was only a manakin.

"My, my, my," said a voice coming from inside the hat. A hidden radio laid within. "It seems our game has come to an end. Believe me girls, we will talk again. For now I will let you play with my little toy here. I juts know you’re all going to have a ‘blast’."

The manakin’s head opened up revealing a counter. ‘3... 2... 1...’

Suddenly the manakin erupted in a large explosion that shook the very air and devastated the food court. The girls were sent flying.

Tense moments passed as the dust settled. Blossom was the first to regain her bearings and with a cough she picked herself up. She saw her sister Bubbles not far from her.

"Bubbles, are you alright?" she asked.

"I’m ok Blossom."

"What about you Buttercup?" she scanned the area for her other sister. What she saw gave her the scare of her young life. Huddled over some debris was Buttercup’s lifeless form.

"Buttercup!" Bubbles and Blossom both screamed. They quickly flew to their sisters side.

Blossom shook Buttercups shoulder trying to wake her up. Buttercup stirred and slowly came to.

Her ears were ringing and her vision was blurry from the explosion. She shook it off and slowly rose to her feet with the aid of her sisters.

"Thank goodness you’re alright," said Blossom in a sigh of relief. "You had me scared for a second."

"Whu.. What happened?" she asked, still disorientated. "Did I get him?"

"No, it turned out to be a fake," Blossom answered. "But we’ll get him. I’m not sure who that was but I know how we can find out."

She arched her back forward still sore. "But we need rest right now. Let’s go home."

The girls returned home where the Professor bandaged up their wounds and put them to bed.

Meanwhile, back at his apartment. The Communist sat in his comfy chair. A sadistic grin crawled across his face."I better clean up. I think I’m going to have company soon." He threw his head back and laughed.

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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