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Three Girls CH4

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Three Girls and a Communist

Chapter 4

The city of Moncton... is a great place to shop. It has lots of shops and boutiques to suite everyone’s needs. In fact there’s a store for just about anything you would want to buy.

Today Moncton’s newest family is hitting the mall. That’s right the Powerpuff Girls are out seeing what their new home has to offer. They visited several boutiques and stores. Clothing stores, toy stores, they even stopped into a pet shop to see all the cute little animals. Before anyone knew it a few hours had passed.

"Say girls, how about we stop and get some ice cream on the way home?" asked the Professor cheerfully.

"Yay! Ice cream!" exclaimed the three sisters.

And so the Powerpuff Girls went with their father to an ice cream stand to get a mid afternoon snack. Each of the girls got a small cone: strawberry for Blossom, vanilla for Bubbles, and chocolate for Buttercup.

The four of them sat outside a little outdoor café. Moments later the sound of broken glass shattered the peace of this lovely afternoon. An alarm could also be heard from above.

Suddenly a strange looking woman dropped next to the girls. She wore a suit that had wings, fur, a stinger, claws, eyes, and antennae like a bee. She held in her hand a big big. She opened it and took out a large diamond. She kissed it, quite pleased with her self, and put it back in her bag. Quickly the girls leapt into action.

"Not so fast bug face!" called out Blossom.

The bee woman turned her attention to the meddlesome kids next to her.

"Bug face?!" she replied almost insulted. "Don’t you know who I am little girl? I am Bee-Elzabug!"

"Well whatever your name is, you’re not getting away with stealing those jewels."

Bee-Elzabug simply smirked at this.

"Oh I’m not am I?" she said defiantly.

She opened her mouth but no sound came out. At least, none that the girls could hear.

"Is that it?" asked a confused Buttercup.

Moments later, a low buzzing sound came from all side. A swarm of bees came from everywhere all at once. People ran hurriedly ran indoors to avoid the swarm. The bees swarmed the girls. The girls screamed, unable to fight off so many tiny foes at once.

Bee-Elzabug threw her arm up. "Bee seeing you!" she laughed before spreading her wing and taking to the skies.

Once their mistress had escaped, the bees vanished as quickly as they had appeared. They left the girls standing there. They were defeated and were stung in more places then they wished to know.

Buttercup screamed in anger. "This sucks!"

The Professor ran out. "Girls! Are you all right?" he asked worried.

"We’re ok Professor," Blossom replied disappointed. "But the bad guy got away..."

With that the girls went home.

* * *

Later that night, while the girls were all tucked into their bed, asleep and dreaming, the hot line phone rang with great urgency. The girls woke up and sprang into action. Blossom answered the phone.

"What is it mayor?" she inquired. "Bee-Elzabug is robbing a bank? We’re on it!"

The three girls quickly got dressed. Bubbles and Buttercup started to leave when Blossom stopped them.

"Girls, I have a plan but we need to get ready first."

* * *

Meanwhile, at the bank, Bee-Elzabug was busy as a bee filling her big bag of loot with money. When she finished she dashed for the front door.

"I guess the Communist finally decided he can’t beat me!" she laughed triumphantly.

"I don’t know about him but we’ll stop you!" called a voice from above.

Bee-Elzabug stopped and looked around. "Who’s there!" she demanded.

The girls flew down. "We’re the Powerpuff girls!" answered Blossom. "And you won’t get away this time."

"Oh I’m not am I?" Bee-Elzabug replied defiantly. "We’ll just see about that!"

Once again she called her swarm. The bees quickly emerged and encircled the girls. However something was different this time. Something was wrong. They dared not approach. They hovered for a while and then flew away.

"How is this possible?!" Bee-Elzabug screamed in fury.

She started to walk towards them and noticed something in the air. It was an odd smell. Then in hit her.

"Insect repellant!? That’s not fair! That’s cheating!!"

"All’s fair in love and crime fighting." replied Blossom.

The girls rushed Bee-Elzabug quickly and put the proverbial beat down on her. This bug was squashed. They handed her over to the police.

"You’ll pay for this next time Powerpuff Girls! Next time!" Bee-Elzabug screamed as she was driven away.

"See ya! Wouldn’t want to ‘bee’ ya!" Buttercup called out. The girls laughed and returned home.

So once again the day was saved thank to... The Powerpuff Girls!

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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