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Three Girls and a Communist CH3

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Well it took alot less time to write then I figured it would. Overall I'm pleased with it. I don't know why but I had a blast writting it. I hope you all enjoy it.

I am at a point where I could use some feedback though. If you liked something specific then feel free to tell me about it. If you like the way I write then let me know. Is the dialog too corny? Let me know how to improve it. If I'm crapping out if some areas then please let me know so I can improve. I'm a big boy, I can take a little criticism.

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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Chapter 3

Three young girls got off a plane with their father. One dressed in pink. One dressed in blue. One dressed in green. These girls were Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Gilrs. The three looked out the window, curious about their new home.

"This is Canada?" asked a confused Bubbles. "Where's all the snow?"

The proffessor laughed lightly at his daughters question. "It doesn't snow in Canada all year round, honey," he answered her. "But I think come winter you'll have all the snow you can handle."

"Oh, well that's boring. I was going to make a snow angel," she said a little dissapointed.

"You'll get your chance, Bubbles," Blossom replied, her nose burried in a book about the Moncton area. "According to this, 'Moncton is the snowiest city in Canada. It has the third highest annual accumulation of snow, the second highest number of average snow fall per storm, and the most major snow storms per year."

"There might not be snow now but it sure is cold outside," Buttercup interupted. She pointed to a display board that read the time and outside temperature: '2:45 - 27 degrees'

Again the proffessor laughed lightly. "That's not cold at all buttercup. In fact that's pretty warm," he corrected again. "They don't use degrees Farenheight like we do back in America. In Canada they use degrees Celsius. You see Buttercup, in the Celsius water freezes at 0 and boils at-"

"Ok! Got it! Temperature is different in Canada," she interupted. "Still on summer vacation. Not in the mood to learn stuff."

As they were walking something caught Blossom's eye and she looked up from her book. A television displayed a live news broadcast. It was what looked like a dinosaur fighting with someone in a brown overcoat and a black hat. He seemed to be struggling to do any damage to it. He was jumping all over the place trying to keep away from it's tooth filled jaws. The boradcast switched to the reporter. "And this is the scene just outside city hall! After the earthquake, what can only be describes as a large dinosaur crawled out of the ground and started fighting with the Communist! It's terrible! Cars and property are being destroyed! One can only wonder if the Communist can defeat it!"

"Girls!" Blossom called out. "We're needed!"

* * *

Meanwhile, back in the downtown area, the Communist had his hands full. The beast in front of him was a phenominal foe indeed. It lunged forward with primal speed. It's jaws opened as it came down onto the Communist.

The Communist saw his chance and took it. With great skill he lept onto the creatures head and drew a pair of windmill looking blades attached to steel wire. The creature reared it's head back trying to get at it's prey. "Here goes nothing!" he shouted. "Windmill Shuriken Strike!"

He threw forth both his shurikens and they spun madly, seemingly transforming into discs. They flew gracefuly past the creature and turned in the air. With the skill of a master puppeteer the Communist guided his discs with the wires. They encircled the beasts head a few times before snaping it's jaws shut. They twirled around and around and wrapped the beast's jaws more and more, each pass going by faster and faster. When the discs finaly ran out of wire they were slung into the sides of the creature's head with a sickening 'shunk' sound.

Blood splattered and the beast threw it's head back further. It's jaws snapped back open and it howled in pain. The Communist was thrown from his the creature and rolled on the pavement. He quickly got back to his feet.

The beast came at him now with primal rage. The Communist ran twoards it. He drew a pair of daggers from his vest. The beast came down on him fast. He dove under it's reach and ran for the beast's legs. He stabed his daggers into the back of the creature's legs.

The beast roared in pain again. It snaped it's tail as the Communist ran past and sent him flying through the air. He crashed into a parked car. The force of the impact left a large dent in the car and knocked the wind out of the Communist. He staggered to his feet as the beast came down on him again. He dove out of the way and tumbled into a run. He had to regroup and catch his breath or he was done.

The beast lowered itself close to the ground. It's spines glowed with an eery blue light. It opened it's mouth and with a bright flash shot forth a torrent of lightning. The lightning pierced through the Communist and sent immense pain throughout his entire body. He howled in sheer aggony and crumpled to the ground. Unable to move. Unable to breathe. He was totaly paralyzed.

He heard the beast start to walk twoards him. 'Move!' he commanded himself. His body didn't obey. He could feel each step through the ground. 'Move!' he commanded again. His body still not obeying. 'Dammit! Move!' he used every ounce of will power he had. He willed himself to get up. He refused to let it end like this. 'No Godzilla knock off is going to end me! MOVE!' His body began to come to life again. Slowly he began to pick himself up. In a few moments he would be able to make a break for it. But it was all for nothing. The beast was already on him. It paused for a moment. It raised some and prepaired to thurst one final time. It dove it's head forward. The prey would not escape it this time.

Suddenly with a flash and a streak of green, blue, and pink the beast was thrown through the air. It landed on it's side and roared as it scrambled back to it's feet. A trio young girls stood between it and it's prey.

"Girls! Attack pattern Epsilon!" commanded the one in the middle. She wore a pink dress and a red bow on he head.

The three girls shot forward with amazing speed, a trail of color matching their dresses behind them. The pink one flew under the creature, dodging it's bite with ease. The blue one flew overtop, firing eye lazers at the beast. The green one attacking it from the left with a stern kick to the head.

The three of them buzzed around the beast like a swarm of angry bees. The beast was by far outmatched by this new prey. It roared one final time before dashing for it's hole and a way to escape.

"Bubbles! Time to end this!" shouted out the girl in pink.

"I'm right behind you Blossom!" answered the one in blue.

The one in pink quickly flew over the beast. She took a deep breath and blew forth a bone chilling wind. The creature began to slow in it's run until finaly it stoped, frozen solid.

The one in blue landed and took a deep breath of her own. An ear splitting scream came next. The vibrations from this sonic scream shattered nearby windows and shook the beast violently. After only a few short moments the beast shattered into a million pieces. It would hunt no more.

The other two still in the air joined their sister on the ground. "Oh yeah! We rock!" shouted the one in green in victorious celebration. "We kicked that monster's butt all the way back to the stone age!"

The reporter who covered the attack ran with his crew to the trio of young heroes. "Excuse me girls!" he asked excited "Can I get a quick interview? Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?"

"We fight for truth and justice..." started the young red head in pink.

"We kick butt and beat the crap out of bad guys..." added the young brunette in green.

"And we save the day just before bedtime." finished the young blonde in blue.

"We are Blossom..."


"And Bubbles..."

"Together we are: The Powerpuff Girls!" they finished together while striking a heroic pose. The three flew off back twoards the airport and their father.

Meanwhile, the Communist, seamingly forgotten, picked himself up. He dusted himself off and left the area. 'Stupid kids...' he thought to himself as he walked to his apartment.

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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