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Hey Guys, I'm New Here I Just Found Out About Your Site Via Vbulletin Links Page, I Have Many Intrests & I'm Here In This Forum To Tell You A Little Bit About Myself.

My Intrests:Cricket, Computer, Football, Basketball, Anything Flash, Animation,etc.

My Likes:Computer, Ancient Clan Forums, Vbulletin Arcade,Messengers(MSN Aim Yahoo And Skype),etc.

My Dislikes:Show Offs, Idiots, People Who Ban You Just Because They Don't Like You,etc.


Degrees/GCSES/Exam:I Passed IT By Miles Is All I'm Gonna Say ROFL!

BTW: I'm Able To Help With Any Problems Or Anything Needed To Be Done On Vbulletin As I'm Very Talented And As I Said, I Have A GCSE For IT, A Level, So I'd Be Glad To Help With Anything Such As, Skin Change CSS CMS FTP All That Stuff, Anything You Need Just Make Me Mod/Admin Whichever Is Required & Ill Do It, But If You Want Help I Would Want To Be Fixed As Mod/Admin

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Don't rush things luke6104. Make some posts, get comfortable in some of the topics, and after a few hundred posts, I'm sure Sledgstone might consider you. Post some links to a few of the skins you've made, so we can get an idea of your oh so impressive skills. :)

I for one became a moderator within three months. If you check out the Roleplaying section you'll see why. Of course, giving my BROTHER a few virtual noogies from Ohio to New York helped as well. :kapow:

Understand this lad, fate is a fickle lady. Work with the hand you're dealt and you may just be able to run your flag up the pole. Don't, and well, you may just find your mast cut down.

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