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Anyone watched this anime.

Personally i think the series was amazing, very realistic behaviour as you often hear the main characters thoughts and there not what you would expect, he is almost about to cry of terror yet he finds a way to keep going.

A brief explanation of the series:

Just as the character dies (often very gory) they wake up in a room very much alive with a black orb called Gantz. It arms them with almost alien weaponry and says you have 24 hours to kill something (varies per mission) if they fail they die.

Their told each mission grants points and at 100 points they get there lives back.

Its very well animated and the english voices are excellent too.


If you liked berserk then this is for you.

Content: a lot of gore, bad language, death / murder. and minor nudity

Any character can die, dont get too attached

care to share your thoughts


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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